Les choses qui change

I had been talking to the taxi driver for the entire ride.  About his wife, family, family back in Ivory Coast, how bad my French was, and my uncertainty about the future.

“Every phase of your life is a season”.

Was it that simple?  Is that the secret?  I remember I sat in the back of the taxi and remembered being told the days start to get longer in January which is coincidentally the depth of winter and my least favorite month for the bitter cold and darkness.

My life has been in transition for several years now.  It finally feels very close to being in a rebuilding phase.

Step 1 will be fitting in my workouts!  I have been lucky enough to dedicate alot of my time to fitness for the last year but as seasons start to change, efficiency will be key.

I will be posting my workouts throughout the week along with starting and ending times.  I am looking forward to the challenge!

Bad habits

It’s funny the things you notice once you are far enough away.

There are days I say to myself, fuck man I was a bloody idiot.
There are times I say what was I thinking?

Maybe those bridges are burned and you are saying the truth.

But tomorrow is booty day at the gym.  So I gotta keep going.



For whatever it will be worth, going to the gym was my saving grace. In the middle of a hurricane, it was the hour (or two), I accomplished something and some of the fog dissipated even if for a few minutes.  

So I made it a habit.  I made it a sanctuary.  When everything else was crumbling, it was the only place I could strengthen something.  Myself.  

Quads and glutes

Barbell squat, 4 sets
1 set of 50lbs, 3 sets of 70lbs

Superset, 5 sets:
Bulgarian split squat with 45 lbs barbell
Glute hip thrust with 50 lb dumbbell
20 jumping jacks

Superset, 4 sets:
Step ups, front and lateral (20 reps, alternate F and L)
Single leg Romanian deadlift with 45 lb barbell (6 per leg)

50 jumping jacks

Sumo Squat on Smith machine, 3 sets
20 and 30 lbs, 10 per set

Leg press, 3 sets

Superset: 3 sets
Glute circle
30 jumping jacks

What do these days look like?


I was thinking today of the seasons of my life.  One was definitely pizza, another red wine, another whiskey, but this one has to be defined by the squat rack, blue walls, and faint hand calluses that remind me of the bad ass shit I did this morning.  Dainty hands don’t help you achieve your first 70lb deadlift.

Transition periods in your life can test every drop of resolve and grit you have in your body.  Having something to hold onto has been my saving grace.  And I’m still in the woods.  But barbells help.

Workout of the Day:

Sumo deadlift,
2 sets of 70 lbs, 1 of 60 lbs

Sumo squat
1 sets 65 lbs of 15, 4 of 50 lb

Superset, 5 sets:
Step ups lateral (20)/hip thrust (10) with 45 lb dumbbell

Superset, 3 sets:
Mountain climbers
Glute bridge with leg raised (5 reps per side)

Superset, 4 sets:
30 jumping jacks, glute kickback to leg out 45 degree angle (8 per side)

Hamstring curls,
4 sets, 3 of 40 lbs1 of 55 lbs